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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Struggling to be Thin - Time to Rethink the Madness!

First off, big thanks to everyone that supported my minor meltdown on facebook this past weekend with the Insanity ® . I so appreciate all the comments you posted. You guys totally ROCK and lets me know the street runs both ways...makes a HUGE impact just knowing there is support when I need it...Yes, us coaches are people, too. We'd like to believe we have it all figured out, but the truth of the matter is we are just ordinary people committed to living a healthier lifestyle. We don't always have all the answers - but we have a huge community of support.  We have our good days and bad days and those days in between.

I set a goal to get through the Insanity ® Pure Cardio without any added breaks. Anyone that has ever done this program and this specific workout knows they don't nickname it "PURE HELL" for no reason. The warm-up itself is like doing complete HIIT program. I sweat like CRAZY with just the warm-up session. But come to the workout part and Shaun T will tell you before you even start, "he is scared about what is fixing to happen". It is that intense.

Well I have myself super hyped on being at a particular "number" on the scales for the Team Beachbody Coach's Summit 2011. I know I should never obsess about the scales, but sometimes we do these crazy things to ourselves. I was all pumped Saturday and was cruising along with the Insanity ® Pure Cardio and just hit a wall about halfway through it. I had to stop and catch my breath and get back in there. Then had another break. I was so mad at myself that I didn't stop to take in that I had actually gotten further and better with the program than the last attempt. So instead of celebrating my improvement, I sulked over not hitting my goal. Sulk is putting it mildly. I broke into HUGE CROCODILE tears! I was so mad at myself. I grabbed a t-shirt and threw over my workout clothes and went outside and mowed both the front and back lawn with the iPod blasting!!!

January 2008
Then just kept beating myself up because I didn't see what I wanted to see in the mirror. It was only after I eventually cooled off and listened to the HUGE amount of support that I got that I realized..."what the heck is wrong with you???" OMG! I looked back at the 188 lbs I was when this journey first began. I'm 140 lbs right now. Wearing a size 8, not an 18. I just had in my head I was going to be a size 5 and 125 lbs by much so that I forget the whole point isn't about being a particular size or body weight. It's about being HEALTHY!!! Why I started this whole process to begin with. I mean, who really cares if I am a size 5 anyway? Me???

My fitness has come leaps and bounds since those days three years ago. And I continue to IMPROVE!!! You know my thought process was just not rational at all in that moment of defeat. And this is coming from someone that once upon a time was treated for an eating disorder. So I dug out my old photo album this weekend and found those pictures of me when I weighed 83 lbs...I seriously remember starving myself just to be a size 00. And looking in the mirror thinking I need to take more weight off.  That's when I snapped to reality...OMG! So never want to be that girl again either. Had I not had the best friend in the whole world at that point in my life, I would have probably starved myself to death trying to be what society has deemed "perfect".

May 2011
So here it is...I AM PERFECT! The PERFECT ME that is! Just as each and everyone of YOU are the PERFECT YOU! We are not a number on a scale or a certain dress size. We are human beings that are composed of much more than a particular body makeup. It doesn't matter what mold we fit into - it just matters we are healthy and making healthy choices to obtain and maintain a lifestyle of good health and fitness.

So yes, I am going to continue to push myself to do better...because being my personal best depends on my pushing my limits to be all I can be. But I also need to take more time remember how far I've come, too. I have a lot to be proud of.  
This is a lifestyle and not a race. I don't need to compete with anyone. I just need to continue to be the BEST POSSIBLE ME and that my friends is a lot to be proud of!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bringing it with P90X and Insanity

Hi Everyone! Hope everything is going super fantastic with your workout regiments. I want to start this off by first of all apologizing for my bit of a hiatus from my weekly updates with you. I can assure you I have been bringing it harder than ever as I am getting prepared for the Team Beachbody Coach's Summit in June. It will be a simply amazing experience to get to workout with the best of the best in the business like Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Shaun T! I'm super excited and plan to bring back lots of great information to share with you guys about all the new and excited things that will be coming down the pipe for us this year!

One of the latest programs to hit the market is Shaun T's new Insanity: The Asylum ™ ! Happy to report I have this program on order and can't wait to sink my teeth into it and give you some great feedback on the program. This is specifically designed for agility training. You're probably wondering what I mean by that. "A really good agility training program includes a significant amount of core strengthening work as well as exercises that focus on quickness of the feet along with balance, speed and reflexes." Insanity: The Asylum ™ definite promises to bring out the inner athlete in you. So if you are looking for the next program to add to your Team Beachbody library, definitely check out the trailer below. As always, Team Beachbody is keeping your growing need for more challenging programs in mind. This is definitely going to take you to the next level!

Currently, I am in week 6 of a P90X/Insanity hybrid. I so much enjoyed how quickly the Insanity ®Insanity ® stripped away at the bodyfat. Let me tell you, if you are looking for a program to lean out, is definitly the way to go. I can't even begin to say enough about how quickly this program really took my fitness to all new heights I didn't think possible. It is a cardio - core - strength - endurance program like none on the market. It will challenge you not only on Day 1, but even as you finish your first round it will having gripping for more and digging deeper than you can imagine. So it was a natural progression for me to move right into a hybrid of two of my favorite programs: P90X ® and Insanity ® . I now have the best of both worlds working for me and loving every minute of it.

My son, Jason, is really tearing it up with the P90X ® , too. I've been following his progress and he is doing an amazing job and getting the transformation he was hoping for. I can hardly wait to get his 90-Day final results posted. It has been a thrilling journey to watch him go from "shrimp" to "champ". I definitely think his girlfriend is enjoying the transformation as well. He has been utilizing the P90X ® Results Recovery Formula, P90X ® Peak Performance Bars and Shakeology ® as his nutritionals. He is also following the Nutrition Guide as closely as possible. It is definitely having the impact and he is more than thrilled with his results. You will definitely have to check back to keep up with his progress. He is so hooked that he too is committed to following with the P90X/Insanity hybrid immediately following the completion of his first round with the P90X ® .

I also want to take a brief moment to remind you that Team Beachbody is always looking for people just like you to help with our campaign to "End the Trend of Obesity." You will be hearing a lot about this in the upcoming months ahead. We need persons just like yourself to help get the word out and encourage your friends, family, co-workers, etc. to adapt to a healthier lifestyle that includes regular exercise and healthy nutrition. If you have ever thought about coaching, now is a great time to jump on board. For the low startup cost you can be well on your way to having your own business, not to mention getting a 25% discount on all your program and supplement purchases, which includes Shakeology ® at a discounted price! As a coach, you will also earn a 25% commission on the products and supplements you sell! If you are interested or would like more information, please feel free to contact me through email at . I would be happy to send you the information and answer any questions you might have.

Also, don't forget I do shouts from Facebook. So if you need a little extra incentive, come and join me there, too! I'm always glad to make new friends and keep motivating each other. For me, it is all about developing lifelong friendships in fitness.

So keep "BRINGING IT!"