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Hi Everyone,

I want to tell you a little bit about something REALLY BIG that could change your life forever. What would you say if I told you it was totally possible to get in the best shape of your life and actually make money doing it? Yes, you heard me right. What I am talking about is an opportunity to do not only something that is rewarding, fun and totally GOOD for you - but actually make some money doing it!

In 2007 I had reached my all time heaviest weight. I was topping those scales at 188 lbs. I don't have to tell you, but at 5'4" that ain't pretty. I just didn't know what to do anymore. I had run out of all the latest fad diets to try. As a matter of fact, I did so good on each and every one of them. I managed to lose the weight, get amazing results and then once I reached that goal weight - that magical number I had set for myself - and thought it was safe to resume life again...then BAM!!! I always, and I do mean always, ended up gaining back way more than I lost. I was so defeated. I was tired of the up and down yo-yo game. I had almost resolved that if FAT was what I was destine to be then FAT was who I was going to embrace. ERRGH! Even thinking about it now makes me crazy.

Then I happened to catch an infomercial with Chalene Johnson doing Turbo Jam ® . OMG! She made it look so fun and she was absolutely AMAZING! And get this, all I had to do was DECIDE I was ready to change my life. COMMIT to the program and I could SUCCEED!!! How cool is that? Ok, so maybe not that easy. But here is the thing, once I got started with my program I didn't have to go it alone. I got a personal coach that was there to help me with my questions. They were there for me whenever I had questions about modifications to certain moves, about nutrition, about figuring out what my caloric needs were and just there to make sure I stayed motivated. Now here is the good was totally FREE! Yep, didn't cost me a thing for my support. All I did was buy my program and they were there to see me succeed. Now how many other companies do you know that are going to GIVE you a COACH?

I've learned so much since becoming a member of Team Beachbody . I've done programs like P90X Plus ® , P90X ® , ChaLean Extreme ® , Slim Series ® , Slim in 6 ® , Turbo Jam ® , Hip Hop Abs ® , Power 90 Power ® , 90 Master Series ® and even those HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts with the new TurboFire ® !!! Each of these programs has bought me closer to the healthier lifestyle I always wanted. And NO MORE YO-YO! I'm on track and staying there!!

In February of 2010 I decided it was time to give back what I've been given. It was my turn to pay it forward and I signed up as a Team Beachbody Coach! WOW! I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting all the great things that have happened to me since then. First, as a coach you get a 25% discount on programs and supplements!!! That alone is AMAZING considering all the great new programs available - no time for ANYONE to ever get bored.

Then just by talking to others about what I was doing to get in shape (and they wanted to know) I had others interested in changing their lives. You then make a commission off whatever your customers purchase from you! Simply by talking to people about what you are doing to change your life and having them join you - they will be on their way to a happier healthier lifestyle, too. What can I say, I love this company!!! And isn't that what we are all looking for? A career doing something we love and loving what we do? I totally enjoy all the programs and the AWESOME COMMUNITY at Team Beachbody!!!

So what is Team Beachbody? Well check it out:

If you think this could be a good fit for you or something you might be interested in, visit our website at Get Paid 2 Get Fit and check out the information posted. Then come back and let's talk! I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and get you started in the right direction. But if you are fired up and ready to get this party started then click on the link below and I will be in touch with you shortly!

If you are not quite ready to commit to coaching. No worries. But at least come and join me on your fitness journey. Together we can work at getting your fitness and nutritional health back on track. Come join my team and I can even COACH YOU for FREE! You decide what program you would be interested in and I will be there to keep you going! So what are you waiting for...let's start changing YOUR LIFE today!

Don't take a chance in being assigned a random coach. I can give you the same great deal you will get on those infomercials and YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR FREE with ME as your COACH!!!


Just be sure it says "EQUILDOTTSIN will be your Team Beachbody Coach" - That's ME!!!

Want to know how things are going for me? Then check out my profile at

EQUILDOTTSIN on Team Beachbody

Whatever you decide, just know there is hope all it takes is a little determination, a good support system and whole lot of heart! It can happen! And I am here for you...just let me know when you are ready and we can ROCK IT OUT TOGETHER!!!

The time to get fit is NOW!!!

AnLee - Coach Equildottsin

Come visit my website and let's get to know one another!

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